I have installed VMware vRealize Automation MANY times…

I’ve done it in private, I’ve done it in public, I have installed vRA for many a POC, I’ve installed vRA for training and enablement. I’ve done it remotely, I’ve done it locally.

I’ve installed vRA from a United club lounge, I’ve installed vRA from a Horizon desktop while crossing the country at 44,000 ft.

I’ve done small and isolated installs, I’ve done highly-available and distributed installs…

I’ve written about the implementation in detailed implementation guides, I’ve hosted live and very public implementations of vRA from scratch and dared other vendors to do the same in the name of “time to value”.

I blog and tweet all the action.

I’ve collected a lot of data, gained a ton of experience, and taken several hundred screenshots and many hours of video. During #vralive back in December, I delivered an end-to-end (non-distributed) implementation of vRA in a single 4.5hr sitting. And to be fair, about an hour of that was dialog. One result of that was a 4.5 hr recording of the entire session, which has been chopped up into sections and posted right here for your viewing pleasure.

So now I wanted to have a little fun. And here it is: An end-to-end installation (including publishing and delivering catalog services) with vRealize Automation 6.2 in four (4) minutes!


DISCLAIMER: No, i am not suggesting an end-to-end, highly-available, distributed, and production-worthy install will take 4 hours to pull off! But, what I am suggesting is vRA does deliver a value proposition that is unmatched by any other.