Next we’ll be configuring load balancing and high availability policies for the distributed components. An NSX Edge Service Gateway (ESG) will be providing the load balancing and availability services to vRA as an infrastructure service. vRA supports In-Line and One-Arm load balancing policies. This implementation will be based on an In-Line configuration, where the vRA nodes and the load balancer VIPs are on the same subnet.

(If you do not plan on using NSX for HA services, you can skip this configuration)



The vRA Load Balancing Guide provides additional details and load balancing guidelines for NSX, F5, and NetScaler.

NSX Load Balancing configuration consists of creating a Application Profile, Health Monitoring policy, Server Pool(s), and a Virtual Server (VIP) per load-balanced pair. These services can be configured after the initial deployment (preferred) to avoid any potential deployment issues related to load balancing config.



Load Balancer Application Profile Config

Server Role Type SSL Pass-through Persistence Persistence Time-Out (sec)
vRealize Automation HTTPS Enabled Source IP 1800
vRealize Automation IaaS Web HTTPS Enabled Source IP 1800
vRealize Automation IaaS Manager HTTPS Enabled NONE N/A


Load Balancer Service Monitoring Config

Server Role Type Interval Timeout Retries Method URL Receive Expected
vRealize Automation HTTPS 3 10 3 GET /vcac/services/api/health 204
vRealize Automation IaaS Web HTTPS 3 10 3 GET /wapi/api/status/web REGISTERED
vRealize Automation IaaS Manager HTTPS 3 10 3 GET /VMPSProvision ProvisionService


Load Balancer Pool Config

Server Role Algorithm Monitors Members Port Monitor Port
vRealize Automation ROUND-ROBIN <vRealize Automation monitor> vRA VA Nodes 443 443
 vRA Remote Console ROUND-ROBIN <vRealize Automation monitor> vRA VA Nodes 8444 443
vRealize Automation IaaS Web ROUND-ROBIN <vRealize Automation IaaS Web monitor> IaaS Web Nodes 443 443
vRealize Automation IaaS Manager ROUND-ROBIN <vRealize Automation IaaS Manager monitor> IaaS Manager Nodes 443 443


Virtual Server (VIP) Config

Server Role Port Default Pool Application Profile
vRealize Automation Pool 443 <vRealize Automation Pool> <vRealize Automation Profile>
 vRA Remote Console 8444 <vRealize Automation Remote Console Pool> <vRealize Automation Profile>
vRealize Automation IaaS Web 443 <vRealize Automation IaaS Web Pool> <vRealize Automation IaaS Web Profile>
vRealize Automation IaaS Manager 443 <vRealize Automation IaaS Manager Pool> <vRealize Automation IaaS Manager Profile>



  • Deploy NSX Edge Service Gateway (ESG)
  • Enable Load Balancing services
  • Configure load balancing policies per vRA best practices
    • Application Profiles
    • Service Monitoring (Health)
    • Server Pools
    • Virtual Servers (VIP)


Detailed Steps