In part 3 of this series I provided an overview of vRA 7’s new deployment wizard – an addition that will significantly increase the time-to-value (TTV) by aiming to quickly deploy vRA regardless if it’s for a minimal (monolithic) or enterprise (distributed) implementation.  I cannot emphasize enough how critical the deployment wizard (along with the new deployment architecture) will be for removing the perceived complexity of getting vRA stood up.  Competitively, this sets a new standard for how to implement any enterprise solution and will certainly allow vRA to shine above the rest (but enough about that).

Below is a video of the deployment wizard walking through a minimal implementation.  It is important to note that vRA 7 has yet to GA, so some of the automation options and the UI itself can be tweaked between the current beta code and eventual GA builds.

(The screen capture is sped up 2.5X and some long wait periods have been clipped)

vRA 7 Deployment Wizard – FAST from @virtualjad on Vimeo.

The wizard will provide a choice of a minimal (POC, small) or enterprise (HA, distributed) deployment then, based on the desired deployment type, walks the admin through a series of configuration details needed for the various working parts of vRA, including all the windows-based IaaS components and dependencies. For HA deployments, all the core components are automatically configured and made highly-available based on these inputs.





  1. we are having the same problem. In our case, I’m suspecting it has to do with that we have vCloud Suite Standard which only includes the ‘Standard’ Edition of vRA which doesn’t have XAAS.. which is what essentially it is ‘trying’ to use to do the Initial Content Configuration. It would be nice if it would notice that you had standard and not offer the Initial Content Config OR provide an exception to the XAAS at least for the config.

  2. Hello Jad, Please i get this error during the installation of vRA 7.0. The initial content configuration failed at step: “Execute workflow to configure initial content”.

    I have tried to re-install multiple times with different solution but still getting thesame error.

    Please i need your help with this.

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