Well, here it is folks…the wait is over for one of the most anticipated releases from VMware’s Cloud Management BU — vRealize Automation 7.0 is officially GA as of this writing!!

vRealize Automation is the centerpiece of vRealize Suite, VMware’s Cloud Management Platform (CMP). With the release of vRA 7.0, VMware clearly demonstrates it’s leadership in the CMP market by delivering a platform loaded with several enhancements, killer features and industry-first innovations. vRA 7 also redefines the user experience by following through on the commitment to take the complexity out of hybrid cloud management without “dumbing down” the product.

I’ve had the privilege to work very closely with several teams within the cloud management BU while gearing up for this launch, most notably my friends and peers in the go-to-market team. In my 6 years at VMware, I can honestly say I have never seen so many smart people work so closely together on a common goal — deliver a solid product, set the standard. Needless to say, I’m incredibly proud and honored to be a part of this release.

Let’s get to the goodies.

I foolishly set a goal to have a full library of vRA 7 content completed by GA. Well, here we are at GA and I’m far from the 30+ posts I proposed in the vRA 7 Spotlight Series, but I’m committed to get this series knocked out quickly so stay tuned! There’s already a lot of great content that has trickled out in anticipation of this release. Below is a quick reference to several resources and content that will get you on your way, starting with this blog, of course 🙂

vRealize Automation 7 – Part 1, What’s New – Spotlight Features
vRealize Automation 7 – Part 2, Deployment Architectures
vRealize Automation 7 – Part 3, The Deployment Wizard
vRealize Automation 7 – Part 3.1, Deployment Wizard Video
vRealize Automation 7 – Part 4, Initial Config as-a-service
vRealize Automation 7 – Part 5, Identity Management

vRA 7 Videos:

VMware Cloud Management Blog:

 Additional Resources:

So…get downloading! What better way to spend your holiday than getting your feet wet with vRA 7??

Stay tuned for a ton more content to come.






  1. Jad, I really appreciate all of the effort put into these posts and videos. Please keep the amazing content coming.

    I see that lifecycle extensibility and exploring the event broker are slated for 16-17 respectively. Do you have any recommendations for a bit more information or perhaps a recommended resource on those topics that may be consumed while we wait?

    • Hey Shawn – thanks for the feedback. I’ll be putting out some Event Broker advanced topic videos out ahead of the series. There is a ton of stuff in the works…just need more time in the day/week/month to put it out!

    • Not native endpoint…it would be a services engagement. Native support for Azure comes mid-year, thanks to the GEF (generic endpoint framework). It opens the platform up to just about any endpoint.

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