Thanks to all who have shown interest in this event.  I was expecting 50 RSVP’s…currently at 128!  That just about guarantees this will be a fun (and informative) event.  I have put together the following agenda based on feedback from the sign up survey.

The primary objective is to install, configure, and demonstrate vRA 6.2 from scratch.  For this, I will follow the install and configure workflow I previously covered in my vCAC 6.0 POC and Detailed Implementation Guide.  Although vRA 6.2 provides additional capabilities and a more streamlined installation, many of the concepts are the same.

** Update 12/31/14: Videos have been posted! –

* Update 12/20/14: Event Agenda Published…


Agenda (we’ll kick things off right around 2PM ET)

  • Welcome and Panel Introductions
  • vRA 6.2 “What’s New” Review
  • vRA Architecture Overview (POC vs. HA/Distributed)
  • Prerequisites Review (1)
  • Deploy & Configure Virtual Appliances (2)
  • Install & Configure IaaS Services (6)
  • Tenant Config (7)
  • Configure IaaS Services (9)
  • Configure XaaS Services (20)
  • ———-
  • vRA Extensibility with vRealize Orchestrator (formally vCO)
  • vRA Best Practices Discussion
  • ———-
  • Advanced Concepts Discussion (time permitting)
    • NSX Integration
    • 3rd Party Integration
The panel will be available for questions and commentary throughout the call.  My goal is to keep this casual, informative, and fun!

(original post)

I’m hosting a live implementation of VMware vRealize Automation (vRA) 6.2, formally vCloud Automation Center (vCAC), on Monday, December 22nd 2014 @ 2PM ET. This event will be open to all peers, customers, and partners with interest in vRA. This IS NOT a VMware-sponsored event. I reserve the right to allow or disallow any participants.

Seats are limited, so please sign up only if you are definitely or “highly likely” going to make it.

What?  VMware vRA 6.2 Install & Configure Live Event!

When?  Monday, December 22nd, 2014 at 2PM ET

Why?  vRA 6.2 was recently released…so why not?

Who?  I (Jad, @virtualjad) will lead the implementation.  I will also have some special guests and product experts on the call for their insights, to share their experiences and stories, and for a guaranteed interesting dialog.

Sign Up Now!  –


Q: Will this session be recorded?
A: Yes, i will publicly share the recording afterwards.

Q: How long will this take?
A: I’m blocking 4hrs…but will go over/under as needed.

Q: The survey asks for my email address, but i’m too private to share. Options?
A: The WebEx password will be shared with you over email. Plus it’s the one level of validation i’m using…not for spamming.

Q: I plan on joining the call for the sake of complaining, heckling the speaker, or otherwise driving my own agenda. Is that okay?
A: No tolerance for that unproductive crap…you will be immediately dropped.

Q: I’m currently evaluating vRA and have several questions regarding the implementation. Can i use this forum to share?
A: Absolutely, we will reserve plenty of time for Q&A.

Q: How do I sign up?

See you then!



  1. Hi

    We have vRA 6.2.3 environment. 6 has Default email notification for expiration is 7 days, and there is no apparent way to change it in the UI. we cannot increase this either. Seems this is limitation set in 6. We want this to be increase to 15-20 days.

    Followed article and VMware KB, Still it did not worked.

    Logged case with VMware and they have an opinion that this is not solvable in “6.2.3 version”. Thus any one knows if this limitation is removed in 7.

  2. Terrific instructions on how to set up a POC for vRA. Thanks for making this available – see you at VMworld!

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