Today was a big day for VMware’s Cloud Management business unit!

While most of these releases are an incremental (“sub”) release, they are quite important for all customers who have either already deployed or upgraded to vRealize Automation 7.0 and/or vRealize Business 7.0, or have been patiently holding off for the first incremental update prior to deploying or moving into production (especially considering the many platform-level enhancements introduced in 7.0).

As you’d expect, the vRA / vRB 7.0.1 updates bring with them bug fixes and minor enhancements since the 7.0 release(s). The theme is product quality, performance, scale and stability. These also represent the first releases to align with the BU’s new 90-day target for major and minor releases.



vRealize Automation 7.0.1


vRealize Orchestrator 7.0.1 (standalone VA)


vRealize Automation 6.2.4


vRealize Business for Cloud 7.0.1


vRealize CodeStream 2.0


vRealize CodeStream Management Pack for DevOps 2.0

And finally, the vRealize Suite 7.0 has been officially released to align with the completed portfolio of cloud management solutions. The Suite was announced earlier this year as part of the Q1 launch events and is intended to make onboarding of VMware’s Cloud Management Platform as simple of possible…

  • Simplified Suite packaging aligned to CMP and SDDC Use cases: Intelligent Operation, Automated IT to IaaS, DevOps-Ready IT
  • Flexible licensing to support Hybrid Cloud Strategy
  • Portable licensing protects customer investments in VMware
  • Suite level installer(beta) – vROPs & vRLI
  • Consistent Customer experience and faster time to value
  • Enterprise readiness improvements (scale, performance, stability, logging)

vRealize Suite 7.0

Happy Downloading!




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  1. Hello Jad,

    first of all, I really like the way you’re showing vRA features and capabilities. I’m one of those who like to see things in details. thanks for that.

    coming to my main question, I’m working in a very large enterprise, and we’re planning to implement vRA for our private cloud (in fact, we’d like to extend it to some other companies as a ‘community cloud’). Seeing what vRA 7 has to offer, whether it is architectural re-design to cater for high availability, better integration between vRA components, conv. Blue prints or the new vIDM. These are some of the great features that we think would add a lot.

    however, we have some partner who are saying Do Not go with vRA 7 now, rather do vRA 6 and then plan for an upgrade. do you agree with that? Stability, Plugins/Extensions/Expertise eco-systems are not yet ready .. and other factors. will it be easy to upgrade from 6.2 to 7 in the future?

    Does vRA6 work nicely with multiple AD? we’re planning to provide our private cloud services to set of ‘sister’ companies, all of which have their own AD and would like to be treated as a different tenant.

    Appreciate your response on the following as we’re running short in time to make the decision.

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