Using the custom property “VMware.VirtualCenter.Folder” will allow you to save provisioned machines to a folder other than the default “VRM” folder that is automatically created. Better yet, this custom property can be added to the Blueprint or Business Group level resulting in per-Blueprint or per-BG provisioning to a given folder.

You can also get a little more sophisticated and create a drop-down (or free text) field to allow users to select (or manually type) the desired folder by using a combination of this property and some Property Dictionary wizardry.




  1. Hi Jad, hope you’re doing well today. I found this post when I was looking for exactly what you’re talking about – creating a drop-down of VM folders for users to choose when requesting VMs. Did you have to create that manually in the Property Dictionary, or did you have another way to automatically pull in that list? Thanks!

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